Canto Quartet / Science Behind Strings

In collaboration with the violin maker Hendrik Woldring and physicist Dick Verel.

The goal of the project “Connecting art and sciences” is to create several links between classical music and more specifically String Quartet music and sciences. The Canto Quartet explores acoustics  with different scientists and the violin maker Hendrik Woldring.  By having the set of string quartet instruments made with a clear purpose to sound acoustically balanced by Hendrik Woldring, you will experience several concepts connected to acoustics while the sounds of the Canto Quartet  will fill the Church of Science.

The Canto Quartet is formed by Annet Verboom – violin (Netherlands), Guillem Cabré – violin (Spain), Carlos Delgado – viola (Spain) and Teodora Nedyalkova – cello (Bulgaria). The quartet is based in the Netherlands, where they have been working together for over three years taking master classes from different teachers such as Stefan Picard (Germany), Roland Daugareil (France), Sarah Kapustin (U.S.A), Jan-Ype Nota (The Netherlands), Shmuel Magen (Israel), and Štêpán Ježek (Czech Republic), among others.

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