Podcast #3: Regional News for Everyone

The city of Groningen is growing every year more in its number of students, especially internationals. Grealty different from the rest of the region, Groningen is now a city vibrant with different cultures from all around the world. New needs arise for the city, different from the rest of the region, one being information. How can regional journalism from the Netherlands combine reporting on bigger cities and internationalization, as well as maintaining their reporting on local issues? Is it possible for regional journalism to engage international people and local news?
Three Journalists, from three different news outlets will be discussing what they are doing to tackle this issues, and how they plan to transform journalism for the future.

Traci White – Editor of the Northern Times
Esther van der Meer – Journalist at Dagblad van het Noorden
Willem Groeneveld – Chief Editor of Sikkom

Hannah van der Wurff – International Journalism Master Student

Sophie Pizzimenti

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