The Exhibition – Queer Sleepover

Combining work from local queer and trans artists – this installation is intended to create a soft, safe, colourful environment. With comfy floor pillows, mini zine library and a place to glitter up if you want to – it’s the perfect queer sleepover environment with the added bonus of incredible artworks lining the walls, and an incredible lineup of performances to enjoy. Come along between the performances to chill amongst the art pieces, read some zines or glitter up for the after party. Stay for the performances – ranging from drag performance, to poetry to dreaming up a utopia together. Most importantly bring and open and respectful state of mind to the space so that it can be enjoyed by everyone :)

Artists that contributed:

  • Carmem da Silva van der Meer
  • Luka van den Beld
  • Tessa van der Horst
  • Kai VanGuard  
  • Charly Jazbor
  • Momo Byass
  • Michiel Teeuw
  • Marre de Vos
  • Kyra Van der Woude
  • Joyce Mossel
  • Kimberly Malone Crossley

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