Indoor locations

In order to gain entry to the indoor locations, you need a wrist band. All locations admit entry on a first come, first served basis. So if you really want to see, hear or experience something, be sure to be there on time! The presale tickets are sold online at €10.00 each (up until 23.59 on 23 May) and are available on From 19 May onwards you will also be able to buy a wristband at a number of other places, namely: Plato Groningen, the Groninger Museum and the Tourist Information Centre (VVV) on the Grote Markt. Don’t wait too long though, as by the time The Night has finally arrived, tickets might be sold out already. In any case, there will be long queues and ticket prices will have gone up. On 24 May, the wristband will set you back €15.00.

You can exchange your e-tickets for a wristband until 5 p.m. on 24 May at the Tourist Information Centre on the Grote Markt and at the Groninger Museum. From 7.30 p.m. You can obtain wristbands at the Academiegebouw, at the Groninger Museum and at our information bus on the Vismarkt. Note: An e-ticket does not give you access to the locations, so do make sure to exchange it for a wristband first! Go to for more information.

Outdoor locations

In addition to the program at the indoor locations, there is also plenty to do outside. There is of course the main stage at the Vismarkt, but also the many events, acts and activities on the Road from Arts to Sciences. Here you will find a wide variety of acts in the fields of street theater, music, visual arts and more. Let us surprise you! You don’t need a wristband to access the outdoor locations.

Food and drink

The Academieplein and the Vismarkt have three catering outlets each. You can pay for any purchases with anniversary tokens. These are available on site and payable by card. During The Night, you can only use these tokens to pay for any food or drinks at the outdoor locations, but you can also use them at the other events of the RUG400 anniversary celebrations. Indoor locations have their own catering, usually work with cash, and sometimes with (their own) tokens.

 First aid

In case of an emergency you can contact the first aid team. This is located at the Vismarkt. Remember you can always speak to a representative of the organization to have them contact the first aid team for you.


A lot of the events on the programme will be performed in Dutch. However, some events will be conducted in English and in the programme, these will be indicated with an icon of the Union Jack. Though it’s definitely worth a mention that most artists and scientists will be able to speak to you in English. Enjoy!