About the Night

During the Night of Arts & Science, Groningen will be the capital of arts and science. The route of the Night takes the audience in a personal quest along unexpected crossovers between art and science at surprising locations. Visitors can enjoy lectures, workshops, exhibitions, debates, scientific experiments, music, theatre, dance and unique performances where art and science will literally meet.

Saturday the 8th of June, Groningen will once again be the capital of arts and science! The Night of Arts & Science takes you along on an interactive search to the unknown: a journey filled with surprising crossovers between art and science. Enjoy the scientific experiments, lectures, workshops, debates, exhibitions, music, theatre, dance and performances at extraordinary location in the heart of Groningen.

In 2019 the Night returns with more than 150 acts, amongst which prominent speakers in the fields of different sciences and contemporary artists who will share their newest work with the audience. The historical city center forms the stage with magnificent buildings such as the Academy Building, the University Library and the Der Aa-Kerk.

During the Night of Arts & Science you will be acquainted with new artists, theories, sciences, art forms ánd beautiful locations. The festival makes art and science accessible and approachable for a large audience in an interactive manner. The emphasis of the acts is on cross-overs between art and science and you will be challenged to participate in this process as well.

The Night of Arts & Science will be organized by the University of Groningen and is an initiative of the Akkoord van Groningen (a partnership between the University of Groningen, the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, the University Medical Center of Groningen and the Municipality of Groningen). The organization of the Night works together with several partners, cultural institutions and science institutions from the city of Groningen and throughout the country.

Of course you would have rather been able to see the entire website in English

We are really sorry but we don’t have a full English version – some events have a small english description but the full details are only in Dutch.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to provide the full website in English and in Dutch – and seeing as it’s a local festival we chose to prioritize Dutch language on the website


Many of the events are in English and for many others language isn’t important (e.g. music, dance, performance without words). On the program page, you can filter on the theme ‘language no problem’ to see all the acts that apply.

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Hopefully this years event will be a roaring success and we’ll back next year with an even more accessible website!

We hope to see you during the Night!

The Night of Arts and Science Team